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Customer Technical Support Representative Tier II

June 19th, 2019


Responsible for technical support to end customers and distributors. Work with team members to promote and continuously improve the consumer experience by assisting with technical support and customer service needs.

Required Qualifications & Experience:

• High School Diploma or its equivalent
• 2-3 years customer service or technical support related area experience
• Strong computer literacy
• Strong information analysis abilities
• Well-developed interpersonal and communication skills
• Developed automotive & computer troubleshooting abilities

Desired Qualifications & Experience:

• European automotive enthusiast
• Experience with ERP and/or CRM systems

Essential functions and responsibilities:

• Answer customer and dealer support tickets
• Assist with diagnosing and troubleshooting customer vehicles
• Issuing RMAs to return faulty product
• Documenting issues for follow-up by QC team
• Assist dealers with troubleshooting flash tuning issues
• Data collection as required by calibration engineering team
• Manage communications and general info requests in a timely manner with customers over the phone and by email or ticket correspondence
• Attracts potential customers by answering product and service questions; suggesting information about other products and services
• Learn new products and educate customers on new products
• CRM data entry and customer profile updating
• Resolves product or service problems by clarifying the customer’s complaint; determining the cause of the problem; researching potential solutions; expediting correction or adjustment; following up to ensure resolution is complete, documenting the complaint, cause, and correction.
• Escalation of issues to tier III support
• Participate in …

APR Stage 3 IS20 Now Available for the 1.8T Polo GTI!

June 12th, 2019

The APR Stage 3 IS20 ECU upgrade is the ultimate upgrade for the Polo GTI 1.8 TSI! This upgrade requires the factory IS20 turbocharger found on the MK7 GTI and similar vehicles, a race dp, intake and intercooler and produces 302-318 HP with 325-330 FT-LBS of torque. Gains as high as 124-130 HP and 109-118 FT-LBS of torque are available throughout the power band. Learn more by visiting our product page.

APR Carbon Fiber Intake Filter System for the 2.5 TFSI Now Available!

June 11th, 2019


We’ve expanded upon our extremely popular APR Turbocharger Inlet System, the most free flowing inlet on the market today, by adding the most free flowing intake filter! The APR Turbocharger Inlet System outflows the factory components by up to 45%, and jumps to 60% when adding the APR Intake Filter.

Adding the optional APR Intake Filter to the APR Turbocharger Inlet System completely transforms the system from subtle to extreme. Our massive 9” long cotton filter with frontal opening connects to a 6” carbon fiber inlet tube that gradually necks down to the 4” back tube. You will hear every ounce of the 5-cylinder turbocharger system’s massive demand for airflow, and you’ll do so at a 60% CFM improvement over stock! This was only possible with an open filter system as the airflow demands called for an unboxed design. Simply put, this is the best intake system on the market for satisfying uncompromisingly demanding airflow requirements. Read more.

The APR Catback Exhaust Suite is Now Available for the C7 S6 / S7 4.0 TFSI!

June 3rd, 2019


The APR Catback Exhaust System personalizes your vehicle’s looks, sound and performance. Beautifully hand-crafted T304-stainless-steel components adorn the system with stunning TIG-welding throughout. Our straight-through brushed-finished mufflers smooth the exhaust note to a deep growl, without adding restrictions. Strong high-quality bracketry and OEM-style clamps hold the system steadily in place, making the install or removal a snap, and fitment simple, yet precise. Cast 2.75” to dual 2.5” rear splitter creates an ultra-smooth transition, steadily feeding exhaust gasses out of the system. Our cast valve housings enable the vehicle to be fitted with the factory electronic valve actuators, retaining OEM valve operation. Finally, removable 4″ polished slash-cut exhaust tips finish the system, adding a classy motorsport-inspired touch to the rear of the vehicle. Optional tip upgrades, and an optional center muffler / center muffler delete is available. Now Available for the Audi S6 / S7 4.0 TFSI (C7 / C7.5) Read More!

APR 18×8.5 S01 Forged Wheels in Brushed Gunmetal Now Available!

May 23rd, 2019


The APR S01 Forged Wheels are manufactured using the latest strengthening and weight savings techniques to provide an attractive solution ready for the street and track. This race inspired wheel design features a curved 5-spoke Y design with a deep outer rim inlay, and weight saving spoke pockets. The S01 is the perfect wheel for anyone who values performance, style and strength at an attractive price. Now available in Brushed Gunmetal, 18×8.5 ET45, at only 19.4 LBS / 8.79 KG! Read More

Version 2.5 Now Available for the 2.0 TSI as Found in the MK6 GTI and Similar Vehicles.

May 22nd, 2019


We are pleased to announce a free update for the MK6 GTI 2.0 TSI and similar platform vehicles. This update addresses user feedback on DSG shift quality and a low RPM boost oscillation. The update is available at all APR dealers today, and is available as version 2.5 for Stage 1, Stage 1+ and Stage 2 ECU Upgrades for the following ECU box codes and revisions:

06J906021 S5385
06J906021C S5869
06J906021C S6993
06J906026D S3945
06J906026E S2425
06J906027F S8068
06J906027H S8630
06J906027H S9004
06J906027J S1637
06J906027J S2907
06J906027K S2908
06J906027L S8318
06J906027M S8324
06J906026AF S3318
06J906026AF S4060
06J906026AG S3319
06J906026AG S4061
06J906026AR S2718
06J906026AR S3705
06J906026AR S5271
06J906026DA S6987
06J906026DP S6988
06J906026DR S6990
06J906026EQ S8445
06J906026FB S5844
06J906026FC S5623
06J906027AB S6447
06J906027AB S7378
06J906027AB S7506
06J906027AC S9655
06J906027AC S9970
06J906027AP S9005
06J906027CK S0894
06J906027CL S0857
06J906027CM S3266
06J906027DF S2465
06J906027DN S257
06J906027FD S3951
06J906027FD S5368
06J906027FE S3952
06J906027FE S5369
06J906027FH S4351
06J906027FJ S4352
06J906027FS S5082
06J906027GP S5696
06J906027GQ S5697
06J906027GS S5699
06J906027HF S7686
06J906027JA S7828
06J906027JC S7829
06J906027JK S1336
06J906027JL S1337
06J906027JS S3232
06J997027B S5380
06J997028S S1503
06J997029C S1508
06J997029D S1509
06J997029E S1510
06J997029F S1511
06J997029G S1512
06J997029H S1513
06J997029J S1514
06J997029K S1515
06J997029L S1516
1K0907115AB S0020
1K0907115AB S0030
1K0907115AD S0060
1K0907115AE S0030
1K0907115AE S0040
1K0907115AF S0010
1K0907115AL S0030
1K0907115AM S0030
1K0907115AP S0020
1K0907115AP S0030
1K0907115AP S0040
1K0907115AQ S0030
1K0907115AQ S0040
1K0907115AS S0010
1K0907115AS S0020
1K0907115AS S0040
1K0907115AT S0010
1K0907115AT S0020
1K0907115AT S0040
1K8907115 S0020
1K8907115 S0030
1K8907115 S0030
1Q0907115M S0020
5K0907115 S0040
5K0907115 S0050
5K0907115A S0040
5K0907115N S0010
5K7907115 S0010
6J906027AC S6452

Thank you and Go APR!

Reverse Engineer

May 21st, 2019


Reverse Engineer will work with their assigned team to analyze and gain access to read/write capabilities, create vehicle ECU memory maps, and seek information about future and existing vehicle platforms, as required by a given vehicle target. Candidates must be proficient with binary analysis techniques and familiar with vulnerability types such as heap corruption, use after free, and buffer overflows. Projects will be undertaken in small teams with close coordination with other departments. A typical day may involve extracting firmware from a board, studying disassembly, or writing code to audit a device.

Job Requirements:

Proficient with static and dynamic binary analysis techniques. Familiar with software vulnerabilities Experience reading and writing PowerPC, Infineon Tricore, and x86 assembly code. Experience using reverse engineering tools such as IDA Pro. Comfortable working in a Linux environment. Use penetration tools to gain access to vehicle bus’s and systems.

• Fundamental understanding of C/C++and assembly
• Extensive experience with scripting and scripting languages
• Extensive knowledge of decompiler/disassembly tools, especially IDA Pro

Qualifications & Experience:

• Industry experience or passion for the industry. Understands industry trends, competitors, and consumers. Loves vehicles, racing, power, speed, performance
• Drive. Has a good track record of taking initiative and intelligent risks. Is willing to get hands dirty and …

Embedded Software Engineer

May 21st, 2019


The Powerteq Embedded Software engineering position oversees all technical activities related to developing communication protocols for target vehicles. The engineer will be responsible for new product development, new application coverage for existing products, and sustaining workload related to active and legacy products. This includes activities such as reverse engineering, com protocols, and binary analysis. The engineer must work with Marketing, Production, Procurement, and Sales to ensure all stakeholders’ needs are well represented in their software releases.

Job Responsibilities:

• Minimal technical supervision, designs and develops embedded software, PC software, electronic circuits, equipment, systems and products for automotive performance tuning devices
• Writes code in C, C#, or C++ that allows Powerteq devices to communicate with a vehicle’s computer
• Analyzes binary files to find functions and maps for vehicle calibration
• Supports existing products by debugging errors and fixing the issues to meet customer’s expectations
• Prepares product or system layouts, detailed drawings, microprocessor code and schematics
• Aids with product design team efforts, assisting efforts of other engineering team personnel
• Plans and develops experimental test programs and fixtures
• Learn and use automotive communications protocols (XCP, CAN, FlexRay, Ethernet)

Qualifications & Experience:

• Experience in programming microcontrollers
• Embedded Software (microcontroller firmware): C & ASM required
• H/W Experience: Layout/schematic capture to final products support a plus …

Software Engineer

May 21st, 2019


The Powerteq software engineer will be responsible for performing desktop software development, cloud services and other applications in a C# environment, as well as assisting in the maintenance of current enterprise level software suites. The software engineer will also be required to perform updates to calibration management software and sustaining maintenance to new and existing databases. The engineer must also work with the hardware and firmware engineering team, Customer Service, Marketing, and IT departments to ensure all stakeholders’ needs are well represented.

Job Requirements & Responsibilities:

• Fundamental understanding of C#
• Fundamental understanding of web development (ASP.net)
• Understanding of web services SOAP/REST
• Very competent with relational and schema-less/non-relational databases and their tools
• PC Software: MS Visual Studio/WPF
• Ability to work independently and as part of a distributed team environment
• Quick learner of new concepts and frameworks
• Work with department leads to create design plans and requirements
• Break down problems and estimate time for development tasks

Desired Qualifications & Experience:

• Drive. Has a good track record and willing to get hands dirty and see the job to completion
• Bachelor’s or master’s degree in technical discipline or equivalent experience
• At least 3-5 years of software design experience
• Expert in C#, .NET and other application programming skills
• Strong experience with data base formats
• Learn and use automotive …

APR Plus Now Available for the Audi S8 4.0 TFSI!

May 14th, 2019


APR Plus is now available for the Audi S8 4.0 TFSI (2013-2018). APR Plus offers up to 646 HP and 656 FTLBS of Torque with a factory term limit matching limited powertrain warranty from APR! Details: http://goapr.io/d4s8

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