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V2.0.x Software now available for the MK7 GTI / A3 Platform 2.0T

August 22nd, 2019


We’ve updated our Stage 1, Stage 2, and Stage 3 IS38 ECU Upgrades bringing new features, power, and safety. This is mostly available in our newly released 2019 GTI / A3 ECU Upgrades and is now available for all previous years in North America.

Key Updates:

– Better power delivery with flatter torque, and higher peak power
– Various protection routines added and tweaked
– Linear pedal mapping
– Tire spin protection added (FWD files only, running an AWD file disables it)
– Corrected the digital dash boost gauge
– Auto Start / Stop is now inverted and defaults off (Stage 2/3)
– Optional pops and bangs have 3 options: off, normal, and aggressive
– Specific files were created for FWD and AWD drivetrains
– Specific files were created for 6MT and DSG gearboxes
– Low torque files added
– Low octane (87 R+M/2) files added

Tuning Details:

Using a Kistler in-cylinder pressure transducer system, we greatly improved combustion efficiency and reduced in-cylinder combustion pressure while delivering the same output. Furthermore low-RPM torque is now limited in taller gears for greater LSPI protection. Essentially the engine experiences less strain but creates the same power.

Using exhaust gas pressure transducers, thermocouples and turbine shaft speed sensors, we were able to …

APR Valveless Catback Exhaust System for the S3 Sedan

August 22nd, 2019


For the more track minded enthusiasts where weight, sound and price point all are highly desired metrics, the APR Valveless system is the desired configuration. In this configuration the axle back portion of the exhaust has the mufflers and valves removed. Weight drops considerably and the system becomes more aggressive. With the factory DP in place, the system is louder and more aggressive, but thanks to the center Helmholtz chamber, drone is reduced, giving a more pleasant, yet aggressive driving experience. However, when upgrading to the APR Race DP, the system transforms and becomes unapologetically raw with maximum aggression – A true track enthusiast’s dream. Read, see, and hear more!

APR Big Brake Upgrades Now Available for the MK6 GTI!

August 21st, 2019


APR’s Big Brake Upgrade is an ultra-durable, feature-packed solution specifically tailored to each vehicle. The brakes provide outstanding stopping-power at an affordable price and are targeted towards a wide operating range such as normal or spirited street driving, track days and HPDE events. The system handily out-brakes, out-lasts, and out-performs other systems on the market, including much larger and heavier setups such as the factory standard RS3/TTRS brakes! Now Available for the MK6 GTI! Read More.

APR DQ381 7-Speed Front Wheel Drive TCU Upgrade (IS20)!

August 16th, 2019


APR is pleased to present the ultimate Transmission Control Unit (TCU) Upgrade for the DQ381 7-Speed DSG / S-Tronic Transmission on FWD vehicles like the MK7 Golf GTI and Jetta GLI!

APR’s TCU Upgrade dramatically improves upon the DQ381 transmission’s function, drivability, and performance through a myriad of enhancement and custom features. Normal daily driving is smoother as we’ve improved upon the normal quirks and complaints associated with the driving experience. Sporty driving is far more capable with increased torque capacity, clamping pressure, faster shifting times, more capable launch control, and more, handily shaving .2 seconds off our Stage 2 S3’s quarter mile time! Both are optimized to deliver faster acceleration by matching the power output delivered by our ECU Upgrade. This all comes with customizable features you can choose while flashing the TCU to personalize the transmission to your desire! Lastly the software loads to the factory TCU through the OBD-II port, resulting in a clean and headache-free install. See our full feature list rundown on our product page.

APR Q7 (4M) 3.0 TFSI ECU Upgrades!

August 16th, 2019


APR’s ECU Upgrades are now available for the Audi Q7 (4M)! Power and torque grow substantially with APR’s ECU Upgrades. First up is APR Plus, which offers a factory term limit matching limited powertrain warranty and offers up to 447 HP with 379 FTLBS. For those looking for more power, APR Stage 1 offers 447-479 HP with 379-399 FTLBS. Next up, the APR Stage 2 ECU Upgrade, designed for use with an upgraded pulley, bumps power up to 467-500 HP with 398-423 FTLBS. Stage 2 is also available for use with dual pulleys for even more torque, but cooling upgrades are a must! Learn more on our product page.

APR 1.0 TSI ECU Upgrade

August 15th, 2019


The APR 1.0 TSI ECU Upgrade is now available! With this ECU Upgrade, power from the 1.0T 3-cylinder engine grows substantially. Factory output is as low as 82 HP. The APR ECU Upgrade can deliver 135-144 HP with 181-191 FT-LBS of torque, depending on octane. This is a substantial leap in HP and Torque that transforms the 1.0 TSI from boring to exciting! Learn More on our product page.

APR 4.0 TFSI X-Pipe

August 13th, 2019


For vehicles with an APR Race DP and APR S6/S7 Catback Exhaust System, or APR RS6/RS7 Catback Exhaust System, the APR X-Pipe is a must have. This upgrade creates a smooth transition between the two systems and integrates an x-pipe that reduces backpressure. This upgrade smooths out the exhaust note for a more refined sound profile while also increasing peak torque. Like the rest of the system, the x-pipe is constructed from T304 stainless steel, beautifully TIG welded, and includes all new APR slip clamps. Purchase one here today!


APR 2019 2.5 TFSI Audi TT RS / RS3 ECU Upgrade

August 9th, 2019


APR Plus, Stage 1, Stage 1+ and Stage 2 are now available for the 2019 TT RS and RS3. Power starts at 394 HP, but with APR’s hardware and software upgrades expect up to 574 HP! For the 2019 model year vehicles we’ve added a host of features, including a return to the original exhaust crackle found on previous model year vehicles, program switching, and much more. For vehicles with OPF filters, expect a slight decrease in power.

Learn more on our product page and GO APR!

2.5 TFSI EVO RS3/TTRS – Upgraded MPI Injector Testing (Stock Turbo)

August 2nd, 2019


We’ve seen a recent uptick in customers asking for a “Stage 2+” tune designed for upgraded MPI or port injectors. The theory being power is held back due to a lack of fueling with the factory fuel injectors. Seeing as this would be easy to prove, or disprove, and potentially an additional product we could offer, we set out to test the theory.

We first conducted as series of baseline testes on a Stage 2 RS3. Then added larger port injectors and started tuning Stage 2+. Thankfully conditions were nearly identical during the tests. Stage 2+ had a slight conditional advantage, but not enough to make a real difference. Using normal pump fuels (91 and 93) unfortunately there were no gains to be had. The same held true for race fuel (100 and 104). The factory direct injection system has enough fuel to fully satisfy the needs of these tunes. Using more port injection, when unneeded, unfortunately has the drawback of actually hurting performance. Typically, we see the turbo spool slightly later, and a slight drop in overall performance.

Next we tuned using full E85. Unlike traditional gasoline, E85 requires about 30% more fuel. If we’re fuel …

APR TCU Upgrade Now Available for the 2019 DQ381 (R/S3)

July 30th, 2019


Our 7-Speed DQ381 TCU Upgrade is now available for the 2019 model year vehicles (Golf R / S3 / Etc). Read more

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